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Advanced Follow-up Course Pattern Drawing

The advanced curriculum starts with pattern drawing

Each design starts with a sketch. And then follows the technical part. Sometimes you think of something great, but it is not feasible technically. If you want to design a bag, you will have to start by drawing a pattern. If you want to follow an advanced course with us, start with the course pattern drawing.

What kind of a course is Pattern Drawing? In this course you will learn basic techniques of making a pattern. Again, the 'learning by doing' motto of Cursustassenmaken.nl applies. Your tools are: a piece of cardboard, a knife and a ruler (the tools are present in the classroom and can be used during the course) and 1 minute after the lesson starts, you are cutting the basics of the pattern

Who is this course for? For everyone who has taken the course Basic Techniques and for everyone who has made 1 bag from the Beginners Courses. Without having followed these courses, you will unfortunately not be admitted to the pattern drawing course. We deviate from this rule if you can demonstrate that you already have knowledge of the techniques and concepts that were taught in the first courses. You will have to pass an aptitude test in the classroom.

What do you learn in the Pattern Drawing Course? You will learn in this course:

  • the making and cutting of a pattern;
  • the meaning of the ground pattern and the different sub-patterns;
  • you learn which pattern vocabulary you use, this is a universal language;
  • you learn the importance of meticulously measuring and after-measuring
  • you learn the importance and signs of markers;
  • you learn the importance and the signs of puncture points;
  • you learn how to indicate stitched-on subjects, deepened compartments and zipped pockets with and without a lid;
  • you learn how and why you indicate the locations of the metal works on the pattern;
  • you learn why you indicate visible stitching lines

What should you take with you to this course? A pen and notebook or your laptop so you can take notes during the lessons.

After completing this course, you can continue to Advanced Courses. You can only go to the Advanced Courses if you master the pattern, because you will make a bag based on a pattern that you draw yourself.

This course lasts 3 hours and costs 95.00 euros. Apply now! Up to 7 people.

After completing the course Basic Techniques, following one follow-up course for Beginners and Pattern Drawing, you can start follow-up Advanced Courses.

You can choose from: the Fanny Pack, the Camerabag (technique continuous soufflé), the Bucketbag (technique of the round bottom), the Saddle Bag (technique of unrolling the soufflé in relation to the size of the front) and the Schoolbag (technique of the fashion soufflé).

You can read more about these courses on the following pages.

  • "Bij patroontekenen hoef je maar één keer te meten, de rest van het patroon maak je met een priem, een fijn potlood en een lineaal."