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Starting Course Basic Techniques

What kind of a course is this?
It is an entry and introductory course. The motto is 'learning by doing': you learn the theory by getting started with the leather, the tools and with the machines. And at the end of the course you will go home with a home made small simple bag of leather!

For who is it?
For anyone who wants to follow the beginners course; for people who have 0 experience and want to see if making leather bags is something for them; but also for those who have already made bags or clothing in textiles. These people have more experience, but the techniques of leather bags are essentially different from those of a textile bag. The same applies to the machines: an industrial sewing machine works just a bit differently than a textile sewing machine.

What are you learning?
You learn the basic techniques of cutting with a rotating knife; the core concepts of reading and understanding a pattern; editing the leather with the skivingmachine with the rotating knife; terminology of the trade such as seams, enclosure widths, scale widths and link widths, upper-support, under-support. You put these techniques into practise in the course. You also learn to work with essential tools such as the spindle, the hammer and the silverpen; the techniques of an industrial sewing machine, threading, adjusting, stitching at different widths and heights.

What is required at least if you start this Basic Techniques course?
In fact, anyone with a love for fashion and bags can do this course. But know that you have work exactly, you have to measure well and be patient - the devil is in the detail! Bag making is about millimeters and everything has to be straight, it will show if your stitching is not exactly in the middle. You have to work very precisely and liking to do so. 

What should you take with you to this course?
A notebook and a pen or a laptop. It is important to make notes during the course. The tools are present in the classroom and can be used free of charge in this orientation course. The leather for the small bag you are going to make today will be given as a gift in this orientation course. You can choose from different colors of leather. After class you have the opportunity to enroll for the following course: the follow-up beginners course.

The Basic Techniques course is the first course for anyone who wants to follow courses at cursustassenmaken.nl and is a compulsory starting point.

The course lasts 3 hours and is for a maximum of 5 people.

Apply now! You can pay with ‘pin’ or with a ‘tikkie’ at our store.

  • At the end of the course you go home with a small self-made leather bag!