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Design and make the leather bag of your dreams

Do you have any special wishes? Do you want to design and make your own leather bag? And do you prefer private tutoring? Then choose private lessons.

Private lessons are given according to a fixed hourly rate of 75.00 euros per hour and can be taken solo, or with a friend. You go through all stages of the courses, starting with the orientation course Basic Techniques and Pattern Drawing, to then translate the design of your bag into a pattern, which you then make the end product of a leather bag.

Note: private lessons are not meant to copy existing bags. Your own design is always best! Private lessons are given on days when no other courses are given in the classroom. You really have all the space and attention for yourself, or for you and your friend.

What should you take with you to this course? A pen and notebook or your laptop, so you can take notes during the lessons. A fine pencil, a sharp knife, a rolling knife, an awl and a metal ruler of 50 cm. If you want you can buy all this in our store. You can also buy a metal ruler from a hardware store. Sharp, sturdy blades are available at Gamma for example. You can also find roller blades and fillings for roller blades in general hardware stores. We also sell them.

For more information about private lessons: mail to roos@cursustassenmaken.nl.

This course consists of 20 hours, divided over 5 lessons of 4 hours. Days on which the private lessons are given are appointed in consultation with the student.

Maximum 2 people. This course is given by Mrs. Rosehip ... meet the master!


  • ''I don't like group lessons. That is why I opt for private tutoring"